Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I love My Teddy

It's amazing how many teddy bears you can end up with when you have kids. I got given 2 big ones at my baby shower for Miss J and each birth have gotten multiple little pink ones. They have all ended up in the cupboard or toy box but sometimes come out for a teddy bear picnic. My Teddy is different, if the kids aren't hugging it you want it out where they can see it.

What sets them apart from any other teddy (besides how gorgeous and soft they are) is the cute little jumpers they wear. It was so much fun making one up for for Miss C (pictured here with her bear, though not ready to be put down!).

You start by picking which teddy you would like. The sizes start at 38cms and go up to a huge 68cms. You won't just find your average brown bear here, there's black, blue, pink, purple and a range of different browns, different fur length and super cuddly up to extra cuddly. If you aren't a fan of bears or want something different check out the cute frog, pig, cow, puppy and monkey. I would love to get Miss M the cow (the moo part of Bub & Moo) and Miss J would love Abigail with her floppy feet but for Miss C I chose the adorable Frankie in fudge.
Stage 2 you choose the colour of the jumper you would like. There are 5 colours and I went with the light pink which you can see well in the picture below.

Next the design you want on the jumper. At first I thought there was just the one page of designs but if you look at the drop down menu at the top there are a HUGE 16 categories! I changed my mind multiple times, the little hand and feet prints look so cute in the examples but the ladybird with its love heart spots was what I kept coming back to.
The final step you choose what you would like embroidered on the jumper. You can have a maximum of 30 characters on the front and 42 on the back. On Miss C's around the ladybird we got her name and date of birth then on the back wrote Lots of Love Mum & Dad.

They are all sent registered post so your teddy won't get lost in the mail or left on your doorstep, I missed our delivery so did the mad rush with all 3 to the post office 10 minutes before closing! They are incredibly soft and cuddly, will be a child's best friend for many years!

These teddies aren't just for kids either! Something different from everyone else's on Valentines day? Have a partner that works away and need cuddles when they aren't there? Having trouble thinking of a Christening gift? Would be a memorable way to propose with 'will you marry me?' on the jumper! I'm sure you could use it for nearly any special occasion and it would be something people would remember.

There's more than just the teddies on the site. Check out the My Family Stickers, I have similar to these on my car and Miss J loves saying who each one is! There's also the cuddly play mats (how cute is the lamb?) and personalised aprons for future masterchefs! Also on the site is the Huggable Pet Pillows which you can get for FREE right now if your order excedes $150! There are so many less than when I looked the other day so you will have to be quick to grab the last ones! I love the dinosaur and the cute little lamb (seem to have a thing with the lambs on this site!).

 And finally there is the Personalised Towel Sets. You can get any name up to 12 characters long printed on them in one of 2 fonts plus some great themes. I don't think I could pick a favourite here! The caterpillar would be cute for a baby boy and the polkadots are very cool for an older boy. The girls ohhh its to hard! Miss J would choose the babushkas hands down, Miss M would probably like the butterflies (or the boats!) and the sweet little baby birds I'd choose for Miss C (yes nearly the whole range!). The towel is 118cm x 60cm and it comes with a matching washer 33cm x 32cm. See further down the post for how you can WIN one of these sets!

 Payment can be made by phone, paypal, credit card, bank deposit, cheque or money order so no excuses!

My Teddy is run by Toni & Chris, they started the business 6 years ago and have done up a whopping 20,000 bears!!! They offer a 100% money back guarantee but have never had anyone request one.

The customer service is right up there with the best stores I've dealt with, Toni has been so helpful and friendly, plus it arrived so quickly you could even use them as a last minute gift!

Toni and Chris have been very generous in offering a giveaway for Bub & Moo readers of one of the gorgeous Personalised Towel Sets to the value of $56.00! To enter all you need to do is like their facebook page then tell me what you would buy to get the free Huggable Pillow offer. Entries close the 28th November with the winner announced on our facebook page on the 29th. Winner will be chosen by random. Goodluck!


sarah pfeiffer said...

Hi there, i would purchase a pink teddy bear with my newborn daughters birth details on it. I did this for my first daughter and I dont think you can find anything else that is nicer and more personal. I love these teddies.

juliet said...

I would buy the 'Funky Monkey Magic' Monkey for Lucas, because he is certainly my little monkey!!
I would also buy 2 sets of personalised towels for my sister and her newly announced fiance - they would make the perfect engagement present. I would choose the designs: polka dot boy and polka dot girl as they are match, but are still individual enough to tell apart easily :)

Nicele said...

You have some lovely items! I would buy 2 of everything for my 2 daughters! They are really lovely gift ideas at Christmas from mum and dad as they get so many toys from family & friends! Would love to win the towel set and would have to buy another one for the other child! Xxxx

bella07 said...

To get the free huggable pillow which would be great for my toddler to help her get to sleep. I would buy her and my nephew a personalised Christmas bear from My Teddy. As my daugther loves the one we bought her when she was born. They are great quality bears and make excellent keepsakes and presents.

Elaine Kuek said...

I received a personalized bear many years ago and Sebastian sits proudly on my dresser. He was my loving confidante for many many years and knows WAY too many secrets! LOL! Love the teddies and friends - I think I am in love with Dufus and of course I have a Moo too so those two feature highly on my list!

aleesha davies said...

i would buy
1) frankie midnight $72.00
2)baby bear mat $59.95
3)light blue toddler apron $27.95.

leanne brandon said...

there are too many to choose from but i would purchase frankie fudge and frankie chocolate as i have twin girls and i just love these colours
Leanne Brandon

Tam said...

Wow - what a hard decision! To score a free huggable teddy, I would purchase a personalised towel set for each of my 3 kids - that way no more arguments over who's towel is who - and who can go past those gorgeous designs!!! I really love the babushka theme!
And I'd probably order one of the My Family Sticker sets for good luck too ;)

Jelly Bean Books said...

These bears look so cute! I would buy a Dufus bear, fairy castle towels and some family stickers - those stickers look so cute, I just have to think of the perfect spot for them and they will be mine! ~ Christine

Candice said...

I love the Teddy Bear - Costa - Brown. He is adorable & I love his shaggy fur.
Also I would add 2 of the Personalised Towel sets for each of my boys. The Regatta & the Caterpillar sets are cute as!

melissa harmony86@live.com said...

I would get a couple of teddys with my babies birthdates and birthweights <3

debbie_deb said...

I would definitely buy the boy and girl polkadot towel and facewasher set for my twins! I'd also buy a personalised apron each for my buddy chefs!!

Anonymous said...

Do they send to the UK

Michelle D said...

I would buy the personalised bear with my second daughters details on it. I bought one for my oldest daughter and she loves it.


Ally Wilson said...

I'd buy my little girl a personalised Christmas teddy to score a Huggable Pillow...two awesome pressies!

Kym said...

I would buy.....

1. Babushka Towel Set
2. Girl Polkadot set
3. Pink Personalised Apron
4. White Personalised Apron

I love personalised items and these look fantastic!!!

Liker on FB

megan said...

WOW What a great offer!! I would buy the cow cuddly play mat cause it is sooo cute and would look great in my little boys room.
I would also buy 2 christmas bears, i think they would make special christmas presents for the nannas with my kids names on them

Melissa B said...

I would purchase a frankie bear in chocolate for my new baby due next year and a Frankie in lilac for Meg. Both of them deserve to be spoilt and then I can spoil myself with the huggable teddy for me :D

Cheree said...

I'd buy each of my 3 girls a personalised Teddy each.. (mind you Miss Sophee wants 2 for herself)

I'd also get some My Family stickers too.. I hear they are all the rage now.

Holly said...

I would by several sets of towels especially the bubska and dot sets they would be perfect Christmas presents for my nieces

mummy2jj said...

i would buy a funky monkey magic for my son Jozua (JJ) and Lewis because he is just soo cute!

Alicia said...

I would buy the biggest Teddy bear possible for my daughter's first birthday. And of course I'd write lots of love from mummy and daddy on the back.

Rosemarie said...

I'd have to get a funky frog, love something that's a little bit different :)

Toni hill said...

I would get a personalised apron each for my girls, And some my family stickers for our car :) So many gorgeous gift ideas! :)

Sharna said...

my little girl is a mini masterchef
so i would purchase something to set her part from the rest
the toddler apron would suit her to a tea
so we can cook up a storm in the kitchen just lily and me!