Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update on our household

Yesterday was week 35 so that means we are on the home straight now! Each pregnancy has gone quicker than the last so this ones been a bit of a blur with some hip pain lol.

Our little peanut was being good the whole time staying head down until deciding to somersault at 30 weeks to bottom down! Luckily 2 days later I felt peanut roll over again which was confirmed by my OB at our last appointment so hoping he/she stays that way until the end now!

This time around I've been taking Mummy's view photos as thats the way I remember my tummy looking, below is the most recent taken around 34 weeks. The bottom mustve been sticking out that day as it looks rounder now, not so pointy.

With Miss J and Miss M we got so many ultrasound pics but this one seems to be shy always hiding behind the placenta.

While I'm looking forward to meeting #3 I have not been as organised this time leaving packing of bags and the car seat until the last minute but my husband has definitely gotten the nesting instinct rearranging rooms and cleaning up.

Saving up for my ultimate pram (and hopefully the last as I seem to go through to many!) the Baby Jogger City Select, just trying to convince hubby this is the one!!!

The blog and facebook page will probably be very neglected in the next month or two but I look forward to getting back to shopping soon, so many new stores and products to try!!! xx

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