Monday, May 10, 2010

Those things you always lose!

I love that both my girls had quite a bit of hair since birth it's given me a great excuse to buy lots of cute clips, ribbons and ties to match their outfits. It's a pity though when you have them looking all nice and you're walking along and look down to see only one piggy tail sticking out the side of their head and the other tie missing and probably thrown out back in the cereal aisle at Coles!

Facebook has really opened me up to a lot of WAHMs that make their own hair accessories to earn themselves some extra spending money or just for a bit of fun. There must be hundreds on there and new ones popping up every day. One of my latest finds is Pinkberry Kisses with some of the most gorgeous bows on their site. Make sure you check them out on Facebook. The picture at the top of the page is Miss J in one of Pinkberry Kisses creations which goes so well with one of my favourite dresses for her. (wooden strawberry tea set from Raspberry Bub)

This is just some of our collection with a leopard print headband from Baby Bones Clothing (don't mind the brown crepe paper underneath holding it up so you can see lol) the skull print clips are also theirs, the cupcakes (top right) are from Little Bare Bear, the red and white corker on the right middle is made by Cate Bolt for Project 18 so you know your gorgeous hair clips dollars is going to a worthy cause, to the left of that one is some gorgeous ones I received today from Tikiboo kids who I will be doing a blog about very soon and the majority of the ones left are from Flirty Bird as their button clips and ties are just beautiful! Miss J has also decided that a necklace I received from La Bella creations is also hers!

The ones Miss J is wearing below are one of my faves as they say 'Big Sister' and Miss M has the matching ones in 'lil Sister'. They came from Zaras Pretties and only $2 a set!!! If our next one is another girl I might have to get a new set so Miss M can have a big and lil sister as there's no middle sister lol. Miss Js necklace is the one also pictured above from La Bella Creations .

The only problem I'm having now is where to store them? I have a hair clip holder from Pretty Things Distract Me (Miss Js J is in their facebook album!) but the ties I keep losing them! If you have any good ideas of where to keep them out of kids reach but still in easy reach for us I'd love to know. Was thinking maybe a jewellery box instead of my cars glovebox!

Also, if you know of anywhere I should be shopping for hair accessories I'd love to know! Until next time make sure you join our facebook fan page as we regularly have giveaways or let you know when a new blog has been written and sometimes sales I just can't resist! xx

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Autumn Breeze said...

I have some clips from Little K designs and love them. They are different from everything else I have seen and have withstood random gnawing from Miss M. I have some Korkers on order from Petite Bowcassions and can't wait to get them.