Friday, November 13, 2009

Belly Bumps to Baby Hugs

Kim, the owner of belly bumps to baby hugs, is a very talented WAHM. She is also very generous with giveaways happening all the time. Currently you can win a dolls pouch like the one pictured on my daughter at the bottom of the page.

The site has many products made by Kim and other WAHMs plus various other useful items like the milkscreen to test for alcohol in your breast milk before feeding, the nursing pillow (which I would've loved with my first born hour long feeder!) and the Bubbalog baby health book to keep your babies records of nappies, feeds, sleeps etc.

These cute little satin shoes were worn by my younger daughter at her recent christening. Her feet are tiny and at 6 months is only just getting into 0-3 month size but luckily with the velcro fastener she couldn't kick them off! They looked so pretty with her white dress and tights. Currently on sale for $13.50!

My big girl got spoilt! Here she is with her doll pouch,
legwarmers and hair clip holder. Upsy Daisy now spends most of her time getting carried around the shops.

The hair clip holder is absolutely gorgeous! You can pick out your ribbon, paint and paper on the site to customise your own one, I just picked the ribbon I liked and left the rest up to them. As you can see it goes well with her room. No more lost clips!!!!

The legwarmers I had trouble choosing my favourite pattern but went with the black with pink hearts as she already has some other ones with girly patterns and colours so these ones are a little more rock chick! Love the spiders and skull and crossbones ones too, have a look through the range.

I also received the anywayupcup bottle tops, these are awesome! I have 2 always in my nappy bag. They fit on the top of all the water bottles at the shops so you can head out and if you stop for a drink, grab a bottle and if the kids want some put the lid on and they can't spill it! Brilliant! My daughter wants mums bottles now not 'baby' ones.

Oh and I nearly forgot about my baby carrier! I got the wrap around baby carrier and though it takes a bit of practice the first few times you soon become a pro at throwing it on. It's so comfortable to wear and bubs nods off in no time. I'm yet to try her in the facing out position but now she's becoming more nosey about whats going on around her I think I might try it soon. Made of 100% cotton it doesn't get to hot....yet! Ask me after I wear her out on a 40 degree day! Great for breastfeeding with too.

And last but not least I got the nappy wallet and wipes case. Simple things but so much prettier than your normal wipes case. Pick the print you want and Kim will make it for you! Groovy patterns and so compact you can go back to your old handbags instead of a nappy bag!

Check out the sales section for some bargains. Support a great WAHM and shop at belly bumps to baby hugs, you won't be disappointed!

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